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Return/NSF Check Policy


Upon notification we expect an immediate replacement of funds with a certified form of payment.  We charge a $100 NSF fee for all returned checks



Extreme Clean is responsible to perform the requested services to the best of our abilities.  Extreme Clean  is not responsible for the non disclosure by the customer for situations that would prevent Extreme Clean from performing requested cleaning service.  Extreme Clean is not responsible for preexisting damage or damage caused by others,  in some cases we will notify customer if our service will damage or further damage flooring or other fixture.  Extreme Clean is not responsible for damage to items improperly installed, manufactured or maintained.

Extreme Clean makes every effort to perform services as requested, however in some cases we can not remove all stains, marks or odors from flooring.  Keep in mind most flooring wears over time and we can not remove wear from any flooring.  Extreme Clean reserves the right to deny cleaning services due to safety issues or excessive situations that may cause damage to our equipment or cause a danger to the health or safety of our technicians.

Reappearance of Stains or Spots


In some cases spots or stains can reappear after cleaning.  We will be glad to offer a solution to this issue.  Additional charges could apply.

Re - Clean Policy


As part of satisfying all of our customers we will evaluate your concern and based on that can offer a re-clean and or an additional treatment to correct the concern.  Additional charges could apply

Refund Policy


Any requests for refunds will be handled on an individual basis.  

Cancel/Reschedule Policy


With at least a 24 hr notice we will be glad to reschedule your appointment.  We will attempt a reminder call or text the day before your appointment.  Please do not allow our technicians to arrive for your appointment with no one at home.

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After your Cleaning Appointment


Carpet:  Your carpets will be damp upon completion of your cleaning.  You can walk on the carpet if necessary.  Most furniture items can be placed back on your carpet.  DO NOT place metal items on damp carpet, be aware of metal buttons on the feet or legs of furniture.  DO NOT place items on the damp carpet that completely cover the carpet, such as area rugs or furniture items that air can not flow beneath.  In most cases your carpet will be dry in several hours, sometimes it can take up to 24 hrs for a complete dry.  Vacuum completely dry carpets.

Tile:  Your tile floor will be completely dry upon the completion of your cleaning appointment.  All your furniture items can be placed back on the flooring once our technicians leave.

Upholstery:   Your furniture item will be damp upon the completion of your cleaning appointment.  In most cases these items will be dry in several hours

Prepare for your Cleaning Appointment


We will provide you with any details related to your appointment at the time that it is booked.  Here are a few items that you may need to complete before our arrival.

*please have furniture items that you would like us to clean underneath and or behind removed from the room.  Especially fragile items or those items that could be damaged if exposed to water.  We can slide some items, a couch, chair or small table, but large or heavy items will not be moved.  We do not attempt to move items containing electronics or may be damaged due to moving.

*please vacuum all floors that are intended to be cleaned, especially if you have a pet that sheds, additional charges may be applied for improperly prepared flooring.

Please provide necessary access to your home via driveway and sidewalks/entrances.  

*please have driveways, sidewalks and general access to your home cleared of snow and ice.  This will insure the safety of our technicians as well as limit tracking snow into your home.



All of our appointments are set for a specific date and time.  This will assist you in planning for your cleaning.  We do reminder calls and or text messages the day before your cleaning appointment,  We try very hard to be considerate of both your time and home

Office Hours


You can call us anytime and leave us a message.  We will return your call within one business day.

We make most return phone calls in the evening, we have found it much easier to reach our customers at this time.  Please be sure you leave a contact phone number that you can be reached at after 5pm, Monday thru Thursday.

Thank you

Complete the Contact form and will respond to your request. 

Please provide a phone number in your email so we may contact you. 

Please be aware you will not be able to set an appointment via email.

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Payment for cleaning services is expected upon completion.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash or personal check.  We will only accept a credit/debit payment for services exceeding $150.  Please refer to our Return/NSF check policy.